Class Descriptions

Dance Programming

Tots (Ages 2-3):   A breakdown of primary motor skill movement to fun and exciting activities. Through imagery and play the children learn cooperation, patience, gross motor skills, and self esteem.

Combo -(Ages 3-4; Ages 5-6):  A children’s class which incorporates Pre-Ballet, Beginning Tap and Creative Movement. Class includes development of basic steps, vocabulary and movement, while maintaining a fun and positive atmosphere. Emphasis on cooperation, participation and encouragement.

Ballet (Ages 7 & up):  A stylized, formal type of performance dancing, Ballet aims to create graceful patterns and involves rigorous training. It is the fundamental technique for all classes. Strongly recommended as an addition to any class.

Jazz (Ages 7 & up): Style is angular and disjointed. It employs hip isolations, shoulder shrugs and head rolls. Dance movements tend to be pedestrian, emphasizing walking, hand clapping, finger snapping and general body isolations.

Tap (Ages 7 & up):  Movements of tap are concentrated in your feet and ankles. Wearing shoes with metal taps, you tap out the rhythm of the music you are dancing to. Arms, head and hands are important but complementary to the actions of the feet.

Hip Hop Jr (Ages 5-6): A form of street dance, the newest trend in jazz dance. Movements are bouncy, fast and funky. Age appropriate movements and music.

Hip Hop (Ages 8 & up)   A form of street dance, the newest trend in jazz dance. Movements are bouncy, fast and funky.  Extremely foot oriented but uses isolation movements, popping and break-dancing.

Contemporary (Ages 7 & up)   Concentrates with expressing your own feelings, it is a very flexible kind of dance. Style that uses body contractions, flexed feet and off-center body shapes.

Turns & Leaps (Level II & up) A class designated to all turns and leap progressions. A great way to get extra help on advanced skills.