Why Your Child Should Dance

 For the social skills – the posture – physical fitness- discipline

 There are so many reasons why people enroll their children into dance classes but so many more hidden advantages for a child to learn dance.

During their formative years all children are like little sponges absorbing information form everywhere by touching, socializing and observing actions.  The co-ordination of limbs helps in areas of academic learning as well as the physical sense.  The introduction of various rhythms develops hearing, awareness of all forms of music as well as improved concentration.  Socializing in a fun learning environment also has big advantages by encouraging friendships for both children and parents who would not otherwise interact.

Classical ballet training no matter how basic is the beginning of training for all dance, it is the equivalent to learning scales for the piano- and wanting to be a drummer!

As a student’s interest increases they become more self-disciplined, more focused, become proud of their appearance, they adopt an attention to detail and exhibit improved self-confidence and posture, all aspects of a well-balanced life.  Most students who do well at dance appear to also succeed in their academic life.

Aside from all of the benefits listed perhaps the most important is that of fun!

There are many careers open to students of dance other than the obvious, make up artists, wardrobe/costume designers, stage management, choreographers, theater administrators all of whom need the knowledge and experience which comes with dance training.

Students reaching major levels also have it recorded on there school leaving report that shows not only qualification but a dedicated, focused attitude the student must have to reach such a standard.