2016 Recital ~ “Cinderella”

STEPS Dance Recital 2016-2017

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The Details:  “CINDERELLA”

When: Dress Rehearsal is Friday, May 26th and “Cinderella” Recital is Saturday, May 27th

Where: Palm Harbor University High School Theater   |  See map & get directions 

Who Participates in the Recital?
Participation in our dance recital is optional. Recital signups are accepted at time of registration and require a recital fee
paid in full by December 15th 2016

Can I Still Take Dance Class if I Can’t Do the Recital?
Learning a dance routine is part of our regular curriculum at STEPS and classes will be learning dance routines all year round. Many routines are not performed at the end of the year recital, however are used as a teaching tool to work on a dancers group synchronization, memory and performance skills. Students that are not performing will still learn the dance routine as part of their curriculum.

What Shoes and Tights do I need?
Costumes are due to arrive in April.
The following are required to be worn with your costumes and are available for purchase TBA

Combo Classes:
Tots classes *(ages 2/3) tan footed tights and Black tap shoes
Combo classes *(ages 3/4, 4/5, 5/7) are required to wear the following:
Tan footed tights for both Ballet and Tap
Tan Tap shoes – Buckle ones ONLY
HAIR PIECE: You will be required to purchase “curls” as part of the Costume. Information TBA

All Other Classes:
Ballet Routines: Pink footed or convertible tights and Pink Ballet shoes
Jazz Routines: Tan footed or convertible tights and Tan Jazz Shoes
Tap Routines: Tan footed or convertible tights and Tan Tap Shoes
Contemporary: Tan footless tights and foot undies
Hip Hop: Tan footed or convertible tights, black socks and black hip hop shoes

What if My Costume Doesn’t fit?
Costumes are made to look great on stage and not made to stand up for everyday wear. Don’t expect a costume to fit perfectly, because they do not. They sometimes come in only one size or generally in small- med- large sizes. Once the costume arrives, alterations by parents may be required.
We ask that you do not wear your costume before Dress Rehearsal or bring it to class. Thank You

What is Picture Week?
We feel that part of the absolute BEST recital experience lies with the memories, so we provide each family with a complimentary Photo Shoot. Each student will get their Individual picture taken in Recital costume at STEPS along with the Group Class Picture during regular class time. Pricing for purchasing the picture CD is available from the Office.

Do I Receive a DVD of the Recital?
YES! All recitals will be professionally videotaped and the DVD is INCLUDED in your production fee. You will receive the DVD about 4 weeks after the Recital. Please note that there are no video cameras or flash photography allowed on Recital Day.

How Do I Purchase a Ticket for the Recital?
Backstage Volunteers and Dancers do NOT need to purchase a ticket for the show.
All others occupying a seat must purchase a ticket. Please fill out a Ticket Order form from the front desk-
You may want to pay attention to which side of the stage your dancer is on most of the routine so you can purchase that
side of the stage for best possible viewing. Seating is assigned and tickets go on sale at STEPS. If you want to pick out your seats personally, you may visit us on Saturday, April 5th and any time after that date until sold out!

There is NO limit to the amount of tickets you may purchase.
Everyone occupying a seat must purchase a ticket.  Sales are final.

*Special Note About INTERMISSION at the Recital
If your dancer is only in the Act 1 of the Recital, you have the option to pick them up from backstage, or pick them up at the end of the show after Act 2. If you pick up your dancer after Act 1, and wish to bring them into the auditorium to watch Act 2, you will be asked to find an “empty” seat where you and your dancer can watch the show together. Dancers DO NOT need to purchase tickets but please remember that tickets have assigned seats and your dancer will not be able to sit next to you and your family unless you CHOOSE to purchase an empty seat for them. *(Many families take their young dancers home after Act 1, so seating should not be a problem)

When is Dress Rehearsal?
Our studio will hold Dress Rehearsal  The number of routines you are in will determine the length of time you will stay at Palm Harbor University High School Auditorium during rehearsals. Dress rehearsal is extremely important! Dancers will get to know the parent leaders and become comfortable with the stage and backstage area. You will receive a detailed rehearsal schedule in the month of MAY for your routine times. Rehearsals are absolutely mandatory. We know that not all times are convenient, but we have a limited number of hours to rehearse and we must make every minute count. The process of rehearsing each number takes time and our goal is to make each dancer aware of their stage placement so they can give the best performance possible the following day. We run a very strict schedule so please allow time for traffic/finding your costume/hair/make-up/and any other unexpected events. Thank you.

Rehearsals are absolutely mandatory.

How do I Dress for Dress Rehearsal?
Dancers must arrive in full costume, make-up, hair done and with the correct shoes and tights. Students of all ages must wear makeup for both the dress rehearsal and the show. *(Boys do not need to wear makeup) Stage lights are strong; the new ”Lip stain lipstick” is highly recommended as it will not come off on the dancers costume and will stay on thru the whole performance. Hair must be already done with any hair accessories intact. Please leave all jewelry at home and STEPS is not responsible for any lost or stolen items brought to Rehearsal/Recital.

General Hair guidelines are as follows:

Combo Classes, ages 2/3 and 4/6:
High Bun on crown of head – PURCHASE Hair Piece TBA

All Other Classes, regardless of dance style, wear their hair with:
Side part on left side above eye, LOW Bun behind right ear and suggest all use ‘BUN MAKER”

How can I Volunteer?
We need Volunteers! Be behind the scenes and see where the real action is! Please fill out a volunteer form at the front desk and turn it back in ASAP – before ticket day. Volunteers are limited per class and will be told final duties by ticket day. Volunteers are required to attend dress rehearsal to meet with their class and to participate in the rehearsal process -
(Yes, you will get to stand backstage in the wings to see your dancer (s) perform)

General outline of Volunteer responsibilities:

  • Meet the dancers at check -in and take to assigned area backstage
  • Report backstage to help welcome dancers and get their costumes and shoes ready for multiple routines
  • Help children change shoes
  • Take children to restroom
  • Keep them calm and happy *(suggest bringing an I pad with movie for them to watch – coloring, quiet games)
  • When should parents arrive for the show…and what do I do on Recital day?
  • Doors will open for you about 30 minutes before the recital begins. DON’T BE LATE because the show starts exact on time of the designated show time – Tell your Guests! As you arrive with your dancer, check them in backstage and then find your seats on your ticket stubs. Act 1 usually runs a pleasant 1hr 15 minutes, Intermission 15 minutes and Act 2 runs quicker at 1 hr. At the end of the show you can check out your dancer from the backstage area – we ask that ONLY ONE parent check-out to make the process less crowed and pleasant for all. REMEMBER: Security is a high priority of STEPS and the check in parents ARE VOLUNTEERS too. Please be patient and respectful!
  • After the Recital, praise your dancer for a job well done! Don’t forget to thank the teacher(s) who work all year long to make sure that your dancer has the best experience in the classroom and onstage! I would like to take this opportunity to give thanks to all our families for the many years of love, support, and continued patronage at STEPS.