18 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Valarie says:

    This is actually our first year at Steps. My daughter takes two classes. She really loves the Hip Hop class and the instructor Miss Alicia. Miss Alicia provides great instruction while keeping it fun for all ages. The other class she takes is Musical Theater. Miss Jessica has experienced Broadway Theater which really adds to the class. My daughter’s dream is to someday be on Broadway and I know that Miss Jessica will be able to provide her with valuable incite. Although we only have experience of two of the many classes they offer, I do not hesitate to recommend Steps School of Dance to anyone who is looking to advance their artistic abilities.

  2. Michelle Brady says:

    This is my daughters first year dancing for STEPS, she takes Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop and is also a part of the Performing Team. In addition to the classes my daughter also attended the Summer program, she loved it so much she never wanted to leave. It was the best Summer program that she has ever attended and will be back every year. I am so happy we selected STEPS the instructors are not just instructors they are family. The love, support, discipline and guidance they provide to my daughter is priceless. Since being a part of the STEPS company I see my daughter evolving into a graceful and motivated young lady. The committment that they provide is selfless and the concern for each childs success is genuine. The bond that the girls have on the team is unbreakable, they have become Dance Sisters! They work hard and have fun together and all of that is a product of the love and support the instructors give to them. I am a proud Dance Mom and an even prouder STEPS Dance Mom!

  3. Amanda Smith says:

    I’ve been dancing at STEPS my entire life. I’ve been here since I was 3 and I don’t ever want to leave. The last 13 years of my life have been the years I’ll never forget. I love the positive atmosphere and the family-like feeling I get when I’m in class. All of the teachers and students mean the world to me, and they only make me better. We all encourage each other to do our best and all we can do is succeed. This is currently my 10th year on the STEPS Performing Company. It has made me more confident and sure of myself. The support from everyone is very comforting. I can’t express how loved I feel and how important this studio is to me and my family.

  4. Castellano Family says:

    Our daughters have danced at STEPS for three years and our oldest has also been on the Performing Team during that time. They are enrolled in ballet, jazz, contemporary, tap & hip hop. STEPS is a second home to us- a place we feel our girls are safe, cared about, and are receiving excellent dance instruction.
    Miss Maureen is truly invested in the success of every individual student and she has a true passion for the arts which she passes down to her students. Miss Anna brings her love of dance, her big heart, and her patience to her classes. More recently, Miss Alicia has brought a whole new level of energy and fun.
    Dance has been beneficial to our girls in many ways. They have learned the importance of setting and achieving goals, practicing, teamwork, pride. They have made wonderful friendships and are exposed to good role models at STEPS. They are better students academically, are more confident and happy, and are staying fit while having a great time!
    We love dance and love dancing at STEPS!!

  5. Dawn Scott says:

    My granddaughter has been coming to steps for almost 2 1/2 years and she loves it! It has done so much for her confidence and her well being! She has struggled with doing things without one of her family member being with her, but thanks to Miss Maureen, Miss Anna, Miss Alicia, Miss Leslie, Miss Mariah, Miss Madelyn, all her dance friends, and everyone I might have forgotten, they have helped her to become not only confident but a awesome dancer! Your child, boy or girl, would do awesome at Steps! They have after school care and all kinds of classes! They have an awesome recital every year and an outstanding team! So as far as I am concerned this is not only a 5 star school, but I would give it a 10 or more if I could!

  6. Cheryl Preston says:

    My girls have had the joy of attending classes at STEPS for over a year now. They all love…LOVE! their teachers, as well as all the other teachers there, and look forward to each of their classes. In all of them I have seen their confidence grow as well as their balance, agility and rhythm. Sometimes it’s hard to get them to leave after class as they all feel so at home! Everyone is very genuine and attentive to the kids as well as the adults. When I’ve had concerns, I have only been met with kindness and caring in addressing my concerns. I just can’t say enough wonderful-ness about STEPS. They inspire happiness and joy of dancing! Thank you, STEPS, for being apart of our lives! ❤️
    The Prestons

  7. Cheryl Oberman says:

    My daughter has been at STEPS for over 4 years. Her first class was the tap/ballet combo and then she moved to 3 classes and then 4 classes per week. She is on the mini division team and she takes 7 classes a week now, which she loves. She loves all her teachers. Every teacher is caring and kind. They are always willing to assist my child in being successful in her dancing skills. Whenever I would have any concerns, those concerns would be addressed in a caring way. This is definitively a 5 star dance school if not more.

  8. Lora Iosa says:

    Steps is an amazing dance school. Our daughters have been attending for the past 5 years and have enjoyed every class they have taken. The dance teachers genuinely love what they do and share their passion for dance with the students.

  9. Rozalija Krstanoska says:

    My dauhter attends the school in the past couple of years. She like it, she loves it and she is having a lots of fun!!! We definitely recommend the STEPS to our friends!!!

  10. Carri Roberts says:

    My daughter was very shy and lacked self-confidence. Since coming to STEPS three years ago, she has really blossomed. She has much more self-confidence and her dance skills have really improved. She loves coming to dance and is constantly practicing at home. She is now on the competition team and is confident to dance in front of a crowd. I am so happy that she has found something that she is passionate about and thankful to everyone at STEPS for all of their hard work to make it such a great studio! Thank you Steps
    Carri Roberts

  11. Jodi Ahrens-Gray says:

    My daughter has attended the after-care program with Steps for multiple years and loves so much to show off her newly learned dance routines for the recitals at the end of the year. As a parent, I am beyond happy with the classic routines AND costumes that are age appropriate….compared to some others that I have seen. I couldn’t be happier with our decision with Steps and they at the top!

  12. Abby Ballard says:

    My daughter has attended Steps for the last few years and just loves it. She is has become more self confident and out going. She dances all the time. So happy we found Steps with it’s wonderful staff.

  13. Sylvia Ballweg says:

    My daughter has gone to Steps for 4 years now. She loves all her dance classes- Tap has become challenging since she has moved up in age and she always says that ballet gives her a great workout. The staff is great and welcoming.

  14. Gloria Lopez-Ramirez says:

    My daughter has been in classes at Steps School of Dance since 2012 and she loves learning Hip-Hop here!

  15. Emily Brinton says:

    My daughter Summer loves coming to steps every week. Miss Miriah is so patient and makes every lesson fun. I would highly reccomend steps to my friends.

  16. Emily says:

    I love all of my classes (3) All of my teachers are really nice and helpful

  17. Amy Fowler says:

    My daughter has danced at STEPS for four years. And for four years, she has been growing as a dancer while surrounded by friends, passionate teachers, and a supportive environment.

  18. Abby Ballard says:

    My daughter has been at Steps for 4 years and has love every minute. She is surrounded by caring teachers and good friends. A safe and caring environment for children.